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Amy McConkey Robbins is frequently asked to lead workshops nationally and internationally.
Her primary areas of specialty are:

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Children with hearing loss wearing cochlear implants or hearing aids;
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Children with language-based academic difficulties; and
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Vocational renewal for those in the serving professions.

Presentation topics
Clinical Practice

Small Bullet Managing Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants and their Families
Small Bullet Missing the Mark in Early Intervention for Children who are HH/D and their Families
Small Bullet
Red Flags for Slow Progress in Children with Cochlear Implants
Small Bullet
“Boss Your Brain” Strategies for School-Aged Children with Language Difficulties
Small Bullet
“Boss Your Brain” Strategies for School-Aged Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Small Bullet Integrating Music and Communication Therapy – The TuneUps Approach
(optimally, with Chris Barton as co-presenter)
Small Bullet Practical Techniques for Early Intervention with Young Children wearing Cochlear Implants
Small Bullet What Every Clinician should know about Cochlear Implant Rehab in Children

Vocational Renewal

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Balancing Life at Home and Work – Whirlwinds and Small Voices in our Lives
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A Seven-Day Discipline of Vocational Renewal for those who Serve Others
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Whirlwinds and Small Voices:  The Whole Clinician; The whole Child

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