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Whirlwinds and Small Voices
is available at major bookstores and at these local retailers:

  • Big Hat Books: 6510 Cornell Ave, Indianapolis 317-202-0203
    Big Hat Books on Facebook
  • Be The Boutique: 5367 N. College Ave, Indianapolis; 317-257-3826
  • Christian Theological Seminary Bookstore: 1050 W. 42nd Street, Indianapolis 317-924-5205
  • Wabash College Bookstore, Crawfordsville, IN

Whirlwinds & Small Voices Book
Written with her father, retired Methodist Minister Clarence McConkey, Whirlwinds & Small Voices provides a seven-day discipline of vocational renewal for those working in serving professions. McConkey Robbins works professionally as a speech-language pathologist focusing her practice on children. While reviewing personal journal entries from her many years of practice, she noticed how often her spirituality intertwined with her professional career.
How does spirituality affect proficiency, objectivity and professionalism?
With insight and guidance from her father, McConkey Robbins weaves her journal entries with inspirational insights (beacons) from great thinkers as she walks readers through the cycle of seven days of Re-creation for a clinician.
The book explores difficult issues confronting those in the serving professions as they strive to maintain their energy and commitment while working in rewarding, but often emotionally exhausting fields. Cast against a backdrop of a comparison between the story of the seven days of creation and a week in the life of a clinician, the authors utilize a mixture of anecdotes, personal reflections, and quotations from secular and non-secular sources, to offer a resource for recommitment and rejuvenation for those whose careers are focused on serving others.

Chapter study questions are included for individuals or groups.

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Original Celtic Mandala by Elantu Veovode

Praise for the Book
What Others are Saying About Whirlwinds and Small Voices

William Blake said that we can see the universe in a grain of sand, and here is a book that
proves him true.  This daughter-father team…..write from a place of such deep candor, faith,
and hope that their words will speak to people in every walk of life.  The authors remind us that
our lives, however difficult they may become, are gifts…This book itself is a gift to all of us.

– Parker J. Palmer (author of A Hidden Wholeness and Let Your Life Speak.) 
Light, hope and joy fill this book arising from deep faith and from two lives of service to others. These reflections and stories based on seven days of creation will inspire any who need
strength for their journey and more joyful good work. One's week and work as part of the
wholeness of creation are redeemed.

– Raymond Brady Williams, LaFollette Distinguished Professor in the Humanities
emeritus Director, Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program; Wabash College 
The balance between personal faith and professional life has seldom been so clearly put and thoughtfully documented….The authors’ calling to focus on the needs of others is contrasted…
with our own need for a daily rebirth of energy within ourselves…..

 – John Graham, M.D., Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital, London, U.K.
I experienced Whirlwinds and Small Voices in a congregational study group and in my private devotions. I found it profoundly engaging in both settings. The range of Amy's concepts and references inspired me, and her practical application of these has instructed me. Amy's lessons
of personal renewal apply to anyone's lifework and my life has been enriched
by the sharing of her journey.

– Patty Hefner, Disciple Bible Study leader
Those of us who spend our days, years and decades enmeshed with often tragic situations and dealing with scarce resources are very much in need of inspiration that is offered in Whirlwinds and Small Voices.  This is now one of the books I keep on my desk.  It already bears the scars of the much-used text:  ear marked pages, highlighted passages, comments in the margins.  When I am feeling depleted in my work, it is the first book that I reach for.  It has both broad application to professionals working in challenging positions, and specific application to those
of us who practice within the realm of communication disorders.

– Dr. Kathryn Ritter, Glenrose Rehab Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 
Using the format of the seven days of creation, the authors gently guide the reader through
the ups and downs of a week that can yield miraculous results one day and catastrophic
events the next. The selected poems, spiritual writings and the authors’ own testimonials
ensure that this is a book to be kept close at hand for sustained nourishment as one
embarks upon, or continues along the journey of spiritual renewal.

– Christine Barton, Music Therapist, Composer

Amy is a very good teacher – she knows her stuff and has a special way about her
that allows you to feel you have made an important contribution to the discussion.

– Neal Handley, Businessman

I fight against the clock every day. There is never enough time,  so how can I take time
to rest, let alone, create? Somehow I do (I am a composer) and it is good to read and
reread “Whirlwinds and Small Voices” to remind myself of this necessity. I was privileged
to be part of Amy’s book study at North Methodist and hear her retell these stories
that have meant so much to her over the years.

– Becky Archibald, Composer, Parent of a child with special needs
I found the book so refreshing in presenting a seven day cycle through which we experience
daily emotions and life struggles.  It is a reminder that life is cyclical and there is always
an opportunity to start over. It is filled with great resources, including individual and group
practices to sustain your life.

– Doris Jane Conway, Retired teacher, Sunday School leader

What a lovely, lovely book!  I couldn’t put it down.  My clients have these same questions and challenges.  Whirlwinds has a universal message.  I’ll be reading this book again and again.  
 – Jeanette Shallop, Ph.D.,  CEO/Executive Coaching Change Strategies
You gave voice and wisdom to so many of my struggles!   And I see that I am equal to them, not with ease but with struggle, as it is a challenging path.  It is breathtakingly exciting, too, isn’t it? My eyes are open in a new way. It is the right path for me to be on.  Whirlwinds is making my small voices very strong if quiet ones, joyful ones.
 – Tory Callahan, Dyslexia Researcher, Educational Foundation Executive    

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