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TuneUps Music Program

TuneUps LogoThe TuneUps program, which was four years in the making, seamlessly weaves music and spoken language together in the therapy sessions. Information about the program is online at the Hearing Journey web site. This innovative program used in therapy deaf children with cochlear implants or those with other communication impairments was developed by music therapist Chris Barton and speech-language pathologist Amy McConkey Robbins.

Amy and Chris
Using the TuneUps program allows:
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Children with cochlear implants to learn to appreciate music; and
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Children, who receive cochlear implants, to play musical instruments, sing in choirs and be part of the musical world.
(Some background singers on the TuneUps CD are children born deaf who use cochlear implants.)
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Children on the autism spectrum to develop important interaction and communication skills;
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Children with speech and language delays to improve their communication via music.
Amy McConkey Robbins (left)
and Chris Barton (right)

See Amy talk about Tune Ups by clicking Play on the video below.

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Therapy Times Supplement Finding the Perfect Pitch
Breaking ground in the new music and speech alliance
By Bob Stott 04.27.09
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TuneUps Wins Therapy Times’ 2009 MVP Award!
The Most Valuable Products in the therapy industry

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