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Speech-Language Pathology Practice

In her speech-language pathology practice, Communication Consulting Services, Amy McConkey Robbins provides speech, auditory and language therapy services, specializing in the following areas:

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Children with hearing loss wearing cochlear implants or hearing aids;
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Children with language-based academic difficulties; and
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Vocational renewal for those in the serving professions.

Amy photoTherapy Philosophy: How do sessions work?
My therapy sessions are designed to be fun, motivating and relevant to everyday life  - they are geared toward children making rapid, meaningful communication gains within an authentic triad:  the parent, the child, and me.  I believe that parents are the major change agents in their children’s communication progress and therefore, only see children whose parents are actively involved in our sessions. My focus is on the reciprocal interactions between a child, the family, and significant others, such as friends and teachers. Sessions often involve extended family members, including grandparents and siblings, and this may take us down a path where families seek assistance with such issues as discipline, daily routines, how to foster resilience and resourcefulness, and questions of religious education in special-needs children. Though we don’t have simple answers to these issues, we recognize them as part of the whole child, and the whole family. My professional goal is to be a whole clinician.
Thank you for your interest,
Amy McConkey Robbins
Professional background
Amy has served on several professional advisory groups at the national level. For the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), she currently is a menber of the working group commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate babies lost to follow-up after Newborn Hearing Screening. To download a PDF of the working group's recent document Loss to Follow-Up in Early Hearing Detection and Intervention [Technical Report] click Here.
Amy also served on the National Panel that wrote the recently-published ASHA document: Guidelines for Audiologists Providing Informational and Adjustment Counseling to Families of Infants and Young Children With Hearing Loss Birth to 5 Years of Age (2008).  
To download a PDF file of the document click Here.
Over a two year period, Amy served as the speech-language pathology consultant to economists at Project HOPE Center for Health Affairs in Washington, DC on an investigation of the financial implications of lifelong deafness.   Findings from this investigation are published in “The Societal Costs of Severe to Profound Hearing Loss in the United States” (Mohr,Feldman,Dunbar, McConkey Robbins, Niparko, Rittenhouse & Skinner (2000).  International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 16:4, 1120-1135.

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