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A selection of Amy McConkey Robbins’ recently published research and clinical papers are available below. Thank you for your interest.  We ask that if you use the information as a source in your materials that you please attribute it appropriately.
Recently-Published Articles

Monitoring Communication Progress in Early Intervention
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Published Information on Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation for Clinicians and Parents

The information below provides several links where you can find Amy’s research and published papers.
“Clinical Management of Bilingual Families and Children with Cochlear Implants” by Amy M. Robbins (2007)
“A Sign of the Changing Times” by Amy M. Robbins and Mary Pat Moeller (2006)
“Clinical Red Flags for Slow Progress in Children with Cochlear Implants” by Amy M. Robbins (2005)
3-01066-B-4_Identifying Red Flags-FNL.pdf

E-Learning Online Classes

Webinar “Working with Infants and Toddlers with Cochlear Implants”
Web class: “The Music and Language Connection”
Christine Barton, MM, MT-BC & Amy Robbins, MS, CCC-SP
(This is part of a multi-class webinar on music and cochlear implants led by Chris Barton.)
Description: The presenters share their expertise on how they successfully weave music and language together in therapy sessions.

Presentations (PDF files)

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Fire and Breathing Spaces Keynote address at the Michigan Audiology Coalition, Oct. 27, 2011
Click here for the 200KB PDF file
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Progressive Relaxation (used in AG Bell presentation, Orlando, 2010)
Click here for the 37KB PDF file
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Music and Language and Ears (short course from AG Bell, Orlando, 2010)
Click here for the 377KB PDF file
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SLPs and Early Intervention with HH/D Children and Their Families
Click here for the 1.2MB PDF file
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Music and Pediatric Cochlear Implants:  Bringing Science to Intervention (with Chris Barton)
Click here for the 1.7MB PDF file
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Teaching Multilingual Cochlear Implant Children and Families
Click here for the 2.6MB PDF file
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Cochlear Implants in Children with Special Needs
Click here for the 2.3MB PDF file

Handouts for Audiologists To Use with Parents:

Principles from Amy's published  article, “Empowering parents to help their newly diagnosed child gain communication skills” (2002) The Hearing Journal, Vol 55 (11); pp. 55-59, have been adapted by Dr. Joan Martilla, of  Iowa's Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency. They appear on the Agency's website as downloadable handouts to be given to parents by audiologists or clinicians in the early stages after diagnosis of hearing loss.  The handouts correspond to three stages in the post-diagnosis period (at the time of diagnosis of baby's loss; time of first fitting of hearing aids; period of adjustment with hearing aid use.)
Click Here to view the article.

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